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Clarity - How to Get it, How to Keep it & How to Use it to
Balance Your Life

"When I was a rookie with the Dallas Cowboys in 1965, I was exposed to goals by Tom Landry. He believed strongly that you had to have goals set each and every day to be a champion. In this book Steve has really done a great job of helping you learn how to set goals for your life personally and professionally. He helps you focus so clearly in all areas of your life, mentally, physically and spiritually. Goals have been a big part of my life. I wish I had the knowledge in this book when I was a young man."

-Dan Reeves, legendary NFL player and coach

Merchant Services

What is your vision? Every individual, team, and organization needs a clear vision of who and what they want to become, and where they are going, in order to succeed in business and in life. Lack of clarity is the root of most failures! Developing clarity and balance, in business and in life, is at the heart of personal fulfillment and productivity. A clear and vital vision attracts the right people, resources, and opportunities, and has a profound impact on the ultimate effectiveness of your people, products and services. 

Vital Visions, Inc. exists to help individuals and organizations develop a clear, precise and vital vision. We then assist in the planning and implementation process necessary to achieve the desired results. All of this is accomplished through workshops, presentations, consulting, and training; where each individual is empowered, encouraged and equipped, to embrace the new vital vision for their business. The result? Everyone works as a team to reach higher levels of success.

The VirtualCOACHâ„¢ Program
The Virtual COACH Program keeps you operating at your peak in all areas of life. Regardless of where you live or work, you can tap into the ongoing power of the Top 1%. Learn, plan, practice and implement these life changing concepts at your own pace when it's convenient for you. No workshops to attend.
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